Having a portrait session is a special thing in itself. For many people, it’s an annual or bi-annual event and for others, it’s a one off, treat. It may also be considered a necessity for business for example. 

My role as your photographer is to ensure you have the best experience. And that experience doesn't just start and finish with your photo session. 

One of the first things I ask people when they hire me to be their portrait photographer is how do you want to enjoy your images after your photo session?  But I've come to realize, that's a really hard question to answer because the truth is, many of us don't really know and we can’t think past the actual photo session.  And what’s more, how do we really know what we want until we've seen it? And if we intend to print an image, how do we know which size and in which format? 

It's why many of us believe that just having digital images is the best option. Digital feels convenient and easy and we don't have to make any decision on sizes or formats of prints. I've heard many people say, "we'll get round to printing that photo one day". But I've also found, that the day doesn’t come a lot of the time and because life gets in the way, we never do get round to printing! 

Hard drive in draw image

As your portrait photographer, I offer a premium portrait experience, which means I provide lots of advice before  and after your session and help you with the many printing options available (See video below). We're all different and we have different likes and tastes, but experience has shown me, that my happiest clients are the ones who let me help them decorate their homes and offices with their favorite images from their photo session.  

And to help you further, you'll see exactly what your favorite image looks like on your wall or mantel, before you make any decisions! How does that work? I'll take a photo of your wall and super impose your favorite images onto it, using a special application. You will see what the different sizes look like so you can make an informed decision. This has helped so many of my clients make the right choices for them. 

Check out the video below to see some of the print and product options available to you after your photo session. 

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