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You’ve captured a special moment on your phone and it means everything to you! You love it so much, you share it on social media and you want to have it printed. BUT maybe there are things, little things in your photo that you wish weren’t there. Such as a “random” person or people in the background, annoying or distracting objects, bad lighting etc. You may be surprised about how much can be done to “fix" a photo. Check out examples below.

How does it work?

1) Request a FREE Review of your Photo/s

2) We send you a link to upload them

3) If your request is not possible or if the original image is not fixable we will inform you right away

3) If possible to fix, we will confirm via email if it requires a BASIC, PRO or PREMIUM Fix

4) After your photo/s have been fixed you will receive a link to view them in a secure gallery

5) Your gallery stays live for 48 hours, where you can order a digital download or print* (*Print available in US States Only)

6) The review of your photos is completely free!! You simply buy your fixed image/s from your gallery


Remove Unwanted People

This magical capture of a father and his cute son playing in the pool taken with a smart phone. We successfully removed everyone else from the frame to provide a perfectly finished end result, which will be cherished for a life time.

“oh wow ! That’s amazing, thank you a million times over”

Jess R - United Kingdom


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Strike a pose

The original image was a silhouette of three cute children but the strong, artistic pose of the child in the middle deserved a little more focus and attention.


Reduce or Remove Distractions

The light cast from the afternoon sun is harsh and isn’t the most flattering when shone directly on our faces. We reduced the contrast of the light on these faces and removed the telegraph pole and electric cables from behind the subjects heads. (image captured on a smart phone)


Crop to Fit

This family wanted to fit their photo in a 5 x 7 crop frame but the original image taken as a selfie with a phone had the family members too far apart for the photo to fit a 5 x 7 photo so we reduced the empty space between the family and printed the finished image on a 5 x 7 print.


Put Your hands in the air!

We took this shot of a DJ in his home studio and teleported him to a full on rave!


Request a FREE Review of your Photo:

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