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All too often, the planning and administration of business events like gala dinners, charity fundraisers, business expos and business awards ceremonies become so overwhelming that photography is left out of consideration.

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However, all those elusive moments in your business event will turn out to be an indispensable tool with which you can engage your supporters on social media. They will even help you plug forthcoming events as you elicit wonderful memories from past supporters and arouse the interest of new ones. Investing into your business event photography will undoubtedly pay dividends.

So how can you make the most of your event with killer photos that truly capture the spirit of it, documenting each and every moment to absolute perfection?

In this day and age, everyone can whip out their smartphone and capture a memorable moment. Smartphones have truly made every person an amateur photographer, but they have also contributed to an upsurge of poorly shot, poorly framed and unusable pictures. The best solution, therefore, is to hire a professional event photographer whose sole responsibility will be to capture your event on camera.

This is where I can help.

My fun and professional photography style will provide your guests a perfect way to remember the wonderful time they had at your business event. I will capture a great set of memories of your business event that are also useful for social media advertising and even printed publications like promotional flyers and brochures.  

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Everyone and everything at your event matters

I will capture many candid moments including individual speakers, the audience, general room shots, and people participating in activities adding to the atmosphere of the day. I also keep in mind a variety of combinations of VIPs that must be photographed together.  I’ll request a shot list from your business event organizer ahead of time to ensure all key moments and people are captured on camera.  

If there is a ribbon-cutting ceremony, who should be standing next to the person holding the giant scissors? If someone is being given an award, who should be photographed congratulating the recipient in his or her moment of glory? I will make an all-out effort to brainstorm unique photo opportunities at your event to ensure that no detail falls through the crack.

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Importance of candid shots

Even though candid photography can appear oddly voyeuristic initially, it allows for the most unique and natural stills. A roll comprised of people at your event saying “cheese” when having their pictures taken will be monotonous and boring. While posed photographs are easy to take and great to have in the roll, they usually miss to capture the feel of the event itself. Well, you need not to worry. I can capture those little fleeting moments without making the subjects too conscious of my presence.

What’s my secret, you ask?

I get creative with composition and utilize interesting angles and perspectives, so the shot does not look so utilitarian. I look at the event not just as a participant, but from an outsider’s frame of reference, to get a more comprehensive sense of the day. This helps me capture real, sincere expressions. Later on, these pictures will help you recount a more pleasing story as your audience identifies with the human emotions you succeeded to capture on camera.

Do you want to wrap up and share your business event moments successfully with key moments photographs? Of course, you will want your event photos to appear as organic and natural as possible, so I will work to your brief and orchestrate some moments prior to the event, easily gathering the right people together for those must-have pictures.

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